Whether at an art fair, with clients, or when presenting your collection or artworks to friends, PrivateViews is the perfect app to browse and share artworks in a beautifully designed and easy to use interface. It works offline so you're never away from your inventory.  PrivateViews is available as a stand-alone app or as part of the fully interaged Artlogic Database designed for art professionals.

the PrivateViews app for iPhone and iPad


Forget relying on printed fact sheets and price lists, with PrivateViews you can create tailored sales emails in seconds. Just select the works you want to email, customise the artworks information and sales details and hit send.


  • Generate sales emails in seconds
  • Beautifully curated presentations
  • Browse your inventory offline
  • Hide sensitive data 
  • iPad & iPhone Apps - take your gallery with you
  • Create & share tailored 'Private Views' of artworks with collectors
  • Full desktop version on Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Internet Explorer
  • Send emails directly from the App
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Sync over WiFi and 3G
  • Embed into any web page or blog
  • Upload artworks by email

What it does

PrivateViews can help you organise, present, share and sell wherever you happen to be. The new iPhone and iPad app from Artlogic is an indispensable tool for managing your artworks at art fairs or on the go. It is a gallery in your pocket.


Developed especially for people who need to sell or present artworks, PrivateViews displays artworks beautifully on your iPad, iPhone or via a web browser. It allows you to show / hide captions, availability, prices and additional information in the form of documents and secondary images. From the iPad you can instantly share the link to a selection of artworks which can open in the recipient's browser or the free PrivateViews app. Facilitate sales by presenting information in person then following up moments later with a customised email showing selected works with prices. Organise your inventory into specific Collections to suit your needs and use the Search function to find just the items you want to see.




  • Save time:   With access to your inventory, anytime, anywhere, even offline. Email directly from the App.
  • Show more:   Leave behind paper binders and present artworks beautifully and quickly.
  • Increase sales:   Never miss an opportunity. Present or email works with images, information and prices.
  • Create personalised PrivateViews:   Organise your inventory the way you want to.
  • Control sensitive information:   Restrict access to confidential data. Show or hide prices.
  • Stay up-to-date:   Added / updated PrivateViews can be synced to all devices on the road via WiFi or Mobile Data.
  • Great for teams:   Availability changes are published to all online devices in minutes.


Your artworks on iPad and iPhone

Never miss an opportunity to make a sale or share with a client.


Create and share Private Views

  • Organise and categorise your inventory by creating unique "Collections" (a grouping of Private Views) and "Private Views" (a presentation of artworks).
  • Upload high-resolution images and zoom in for extra detail.
  • Edit artwork captions to include, artist name, object information, price and availability.
  • Turn on / off prices and availability then lock settings before showing a client.
  • Add additional documents and images to an artwork, such as a press release or installation shots.
  • Use the search tool to locate artworks and Private Views.
  • Experience seamless integration with your entire inventory by becoming an Artlogic online client. Read more.


Facilitate sales

  • Email a selection artworks to a collector directly from the app.
  • Send an entire Private View link that collectors can open in the app or view via a web browser.
  • Customise emails by choosing whether to show prices and add a personalised note.
  • Include important documents such as a fact sheet or provenance details.
  • Attach all additional images when emailing artworks.
  • Receive instant updates across all account devices when availability is changed.


Updating your app

  • Update newly created Private Views when on WiFi or 3G.
  • Receive update notifications when artwork information is changed.
  • Update all Private Views at once, individually, or by Collection.
  • Enjoy access to your previously downloaded artworks when you are offline.


Total security

  • All web services are provided over encrypted HTTPS connections, making sure your data is safe and secure.
  • Lock a Private View to restrict a collector to viewing only certain works and information.
  • Control access more tightly by adding an expiration date or password-protection to a Private View.
  • Your data is backed up daily.


Embed into a web page or blog

  • Embed slideshows of your Private Views into your website or blog with easy-to-use embed code.
  • Slideshows link back to the public version of your Private View, and provide full screen capability (except on Internet Explorer).


Easy imports

  • Add additional artworks on the go by emailing your images to a Private View or uploading images through the web browser admin system.
  • Import artworks, Private Views, and Collections automatically using our public API.
  • Experience total integration. Artlogic Online clients can create and manage custom Private Views directly from the inventory part of the system. Settings allow you to create automatic presentations for each artist which stay current based on the availability settings you choose.


Desktop views

  • PrivateViews on the desktop gives you the same great feature set, with the advantage of a larger format and full-screen viewing for an even breathtaking experience.
  • Creates fantastic Private View pages for viewing works on all major browsers.
  • Update and import Private Views quickly and easily via our admin system.
  • All changes to PrivateViews, whether made via the app or the desktop administration, are reflected across all platforms.

Selected clients

  • Alison Jacques Gallery, London
  • Annet Gelink, Amsterdam
  • Ben Brown Fine Art, London & Hong Kong
  • Bischoff Weiss, London
  • Carroll / Fletcher, London
  • Celia Lendis, Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Connaught Brown, London
  • Cricket Fine Art, London
  • Eb & Flow Gallery, London
  • Edel Assanti, London
  • Esther Schipper, Berlin
  • Galerie E.G.P, London
  • Galerie Franco Nero, Torino
  • Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris
  • Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam & Rotterdam 
  • Garis & Hahn, New York
  • Hales Gallery, London
  • Haunch of Venison, London & New York
  • Hosfelt Gallery, New York & San Francisco
  • Jack Bell Gallery, London
  • Jack Kilgore, New York
  • Jenna Burlingham, London
  • Kilmorack Gallery, Inverness
  • Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
  • Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
  • Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai
  • Leo Koenig Inc., New York
  • Lisa Bird Gallery, Vienna
  • M+B, Los Angeles
  • Modern Art, London
  • Neugerriemschneider, Berlin
  • Olyvia Fine Art, London
  • Offer Waterman & Co, London
  • Osborne Samuel, London
  • Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London
  • Rebecca Hossack, London
  • Regina Gallery, London & Moscow
  • Richard Saltoun, London
  • Thomas Dane Gallery, London
  • Turps Banana / Art School, London
  • Vigo Gallery, London
  • Workplace Gallery, London



Who is it for

  • Galleries:   Perfect for organising, presenting and sharing your inventory at art fairs or on the go.
  • Collectors:   The ideal way to manage, display and share your entire collection whenever you need.
  • Art Advisors:   Manage and present works to collectors or keep track of their collections.
  • Private Dealers:   Organise your artwork professionally without needing a website.
  • Artists:   Easily share your portfolio with galleries, collectors and supporters.
  • Interior Designers:   Present and send clients a variety of options for an array of interiors.
  • Architects:   Share sketches, renders and photographs with clients in via our elegant presentations.

Choose a package


30 day free trial


  • $25
  • £15
  • 20
price per month
  • 5gb storage 750+ works
  • 1 iPad + 1 iPhone activation
  • Unlimited Private Views


  • $49
  • £29
  • 39
price per month
  • 10gb storage 1500+ works
  • 5 device activations
  • Unlimited Private Views
  • Collections of Private Views


  • $79
  • £49
  • 59
price per month
  • 20gb storage 3000+ works
  • 15 device activations
  • Unlimited Private Views
  • Collections of Private Views
  • Share Collections
  • Image magnifier
  • Add more devices or storage


Premium package only
  • 20 gb additional storage
    • $10
    • £6
    • €7.50
    per month
  • 1 additional device activation (artlogic online client)
    • $0
    • £10
    • €0
    per month
  • 10 additional device activations
    • $19
    • £12
    • €15
    per month